Episode 1: An Introduction to “The Weird” with JoJean and Friends

It’s a summer day at KOHI, a place where friends of JoJean Jodlowski can gather to celebrate and reflect on their spirituality. KOHI is located in JoJean’s backyard with a decorated barn, a stargate, and a fairy garden. Ian, a good friend of JoJean’s, sets up his drum set to play some tunes for the podcast recording. Andrew and I arrive at JoJean’s to see a rug, chairs, and a set of drums assembled under the shade of a tree at KOHI. It’s my first time recording a podcast. I set-up my laptop and my microphone and I’m ready to go.

This episode explores the definition of both weird and normal. We ask questions like are we mind-controlled to follow a certain path in life? Where did “normal” come from? Did religion or the financial complex help influence the idea of being normal? We also reflect upon our own personal weird and how it has played out through our lives. Tune in to hear our stories and to explore the weird.

Sarah Yeager

Sarah Yeager is the founder and host of the Empower the Weird Podcast. She is a UX/UI Designer at a tech startup based in Kent, Ohio. She also enjoys creating character based comedy videos for her Instagram. She has made characters like Sally Trollington and has given live comedy tours at the Troll Hole Museum in Alliance, OH.

Sarah’s weird is that she loves playing and acting out funny or relatable characters.

JoJean Jodlowski, aka Rev. JoJean Andromeda

JoJean is a psychic-intuitive, energy healer, and artist. JoJean was featured in one of my earlier photo-stories “JoJean, The Healer” published by Latterly, an international online magazine, showcasing her life as a “modern witch”.

JoJean’s weird is that she can “see” things and that she has followed synchronicities her entire life.

Andrew Murgola

Andrew Murgola is a “guy with an interesting past”. He is the Chief Technology Officer at Vendera Mobile and the founder and creator of Textbookly.com. He is also a video gamer who has been obsessed with computers his entire life.

Andrew’s “weird” is his willingness to be vulnerable and his ability to take risks when most people run.

Ian Paul Carman

Ian Paul Carman has been playing drums since he was 6 years old and he has been playing music with his family for most of his life. He most recent band he has played in is called “Megaband.”  Ian has also been a commodity trade advisor and still trades today.

Ian’s “weird” is that he wears his glasses on his hat.