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About Sarah

Founder & Host

Sarah is currently a UX/UI Designer at a tech startup based in Kent, Ohio. She also enjoys creating character based comedy videos for her Instagram. She has made characters like Sally Trollington and has given live comedy tours at the Troll Hole Museum in Alliance, OH.

The Empower the Weird podcast all started with a conversation with Andrew Murgola at VidCon 2018. Sarah had been wanting to create a podcast ever since she started her Facebook Group: Sarah Yeager Creative Community. She created the community on Facebook as an effort to connect and collaborate with more creative people near her. She was going to name the podcast: The Sarah Yeager Creative Community Podcast but it was a mouthful and didn’t seem to have a clear mission or vision. After revisiting the idea several times with Andrew she realized that her goal was to showcase creatives who embraced or empowered their weird. After all, that is what Sarah wanted for herself, to empower her own weird. In order to stand out in this world you have to be okay being weird. Actually, you have to be more than okay, you have to celebrate your weird. Thank you Andrew for helping her construct the vision of ETW podcast.